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ServogearShaft Brackets

The brackets are of a heavy-duty, single leg design. As with the rudders on the Ecoflow™
system, the shaft brackets are cast in stainless steel. These are then mounted into the hull structure via chock fast.

Due to their design and location, the brackets stabilise the flow of water into the propellers by ensuring minimal turbulence, so optimum steering performance to the hull is achieved. Furthermore the brackets, like the rudders, are designed with progressive strength.

Progressive strength means that the section modulus of the bracket leg decreases from the hull intersection to the bracket barrel. If a severe grounding occurs, the bracket will be deformed into a “J” shape, avoiding serious damage to the hull such as cracking and leakage. This detail is very important for safety; normally Ecoflow™ brackets can be easily straightened with no need for replacement.

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