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ServogearEffect rudders

Servogear’s Ecoflow™ effect rudders are shaped like a vane, where each section follows the different angles of the water flow leaving the propeller, allowing minimum drag on the rudder.

The cross-sections of the rudder blade are designed as an aeroplane wing, giving lift in the water flow which helps to produce a forward thrust. The Ecoflow™ effect rudder / propeller cone arrangement is designed to gain some of the loss of rotation energy in the slip stream thereby increasing relative rotation efficiency.

Inclined water flow from the propeller generates a pressure and suction side on the rudder blade. Due to the seal between the rudder and the propeller cone, pressure balance will be forced to work in the opposite direction to the rotating water flow from the propeller, and therefore reduce the loss of rotational energy.

Servogear rudders are made of high tensile stainless steel castings to reduce the blade thickness to the minimum. Finally, Servogear’s effect rudders are designed with progressive strength, the same as the shaft brackets mentioned earlier.

Principle drawing – advantages Servogear effect rudder:

Principle drawing

Effect rudder

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