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ServogearServogear Ecoflow Propulsor ™

Servogear A/S based in Norway is a manufacturer of CPP propulsion systems for fast vessels, with impressive expertise in propulsive efficiency.

It is the company’s philosophy to work closely together with the ship designers during development of hull lines, in order to obtain optimum interaction between hull and propulsion for the best possible performance.

Groundbreaking results have been achieved through Servogear’s all-inclusive approach, focusing upon the optimal working conditions of the propeller.

Unlike moderate displacement hull speeds, higher speeds demand the optimisation of every detail; of all parts and conditions in relation to propulsion, as each of them become critical factors in efficiency, noise and vibration.

Servogear specialises in the high speed CPP market, and since the mid 1970s has been working on reduction of appendage resistance and optimising the water flow into the propeller, achieving the best possible working conditions.

The focus is always on slim and light designs, where drag, vibrations and noise are kept to the minimum.

Servogear’s long and extensive research and operational experience at speeds of up to 50 knots has resulted in a technically advanced, yet simple CPP propulsion system: The Ecoflow Propulsor ™.

Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor

The Ecoflow Propulsor ™ system consists of:

The Ecoflow Propulsor ™ is an highly efficient propulsion system leading to lower fuel consumption (reduced fuel bunkers/larger range) and a reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions.

For the last 15 to 20 years Servogear has been the market leader in Norway (approx. 80% market share).
The Ecoflow Propulsors have been installed in most type of vessels and are today successfully running in full service in 36 countries world-wide.

Propulsive efficiency

Servogear has reached the highest level of propulsion efficiency; which is increasingly beneficial both for operators and our world’s environmental future.

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